Monthly Mailings

Monthly emails sent to club secretaries

May 2018

Call to District Convention
May Secretary Reminders

April 2018

CLE Materials
Goodwill Banquet Reminder
Special Olympics Kiwanis Letter

March 2018

Extra Mile Award Form
Children's Miracle Network Letter
2018 District Convention Ad Form

February 2018

Upcoming Events
2018 Key Leader Flyer and FAQ
National Pancake Day
2018 Can Am Banquet Invitation

January 2018

Salvation Army Bell Ringing Information
International Convention Rate
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camp Information
Cupid Crew Service Project


December 2017

990 Information
KMF and Children's Fund Reminder


November 2017

Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Members Moving
Detroit #1 Birthday Party
Round Robin Form 2017-18
Tidbits from the District Office


October 2017

Foundation Funds Appeal
Children's Miracle Network Help
2016-17 Young Children Priority One Award
KMF Holiday Greeting Information and Form
2018 U.S./Canada Goodwill Banquet



October 2016 to September 2017 Monthly Mailings

October 2016

Kiwanis of Michigan Foundation Contribution Form
Kiwanis International Foundation Contribution Form
Service Leadership Program Fund Contribution Form
Young Children Priority One Service Award Form
Starting Membership Information
2016-17 District Distinguished Award Criteria
Children's Miracle Network Participation Letter
2016-17 Impact Award Information

November 2016

Salvation Army Letter and Form
Member Tidbits
Procedure on Members Moving to update e-mail addresses

December 2016

990 Information
Round Robin Form and Checklist
Foundations and SLP Donation Reminder

January 2017

Salvation Army Bell Ringing Reminder
2017 Key Leader Information
Fellowship of Christian Athletes 2017 Camp Information
2017 Paris International Convention Information

February 2017

Upcoming Events
National Pancake Day
U.S.A - Canada Goodwill Dinner
2016-17 Round Robin Form
Brochure/Newsletter, Digital Marketing and Scrapbook Contest Forms​

March 2017

Extra Mile Award Form
Children's Miracle Network Letter
District Convention Ad Form

April 2017

Club Leadership Education Letter, Registration Form and Maps
Special Olympics Kiwanis Letter
U.S. / Canada Goodwill Banquet Reminder


May 2017

Call to Convention
Quick Secretary Reminders

June 2017

Membership Retention
DCON Memorial Form

July 2017

YCPO Award Form
Scrapbook Contest Information
Interclubs at the District Convention

August 2017

Club Budget Planning
Award Reminders
Round Robin Form 2016-17
Certified Membership Letter

September 2017

2017-18 Club Budget Planning
Certified Membership Reminder