New Kiwanis/Circle K Mentoring Program

This is a wonderful partnership within our Kiwanis Family.  Many of our Circle K members are looking for career starts or just want to experience what work in a particular field is like.  As Kiwanians with years of experience in the working world, we can help them.

It's just a matter of linking their interest to our experience.  One of our Michigan Kiwanians has set up a website to do just that.

We need many Kiwanians to step up and help students who are now part of our Kiwanis Family and are future Kiwanians.   The Circle K'ers are waiting for us.  Thank you Jerry McMahon for getting this going.  Fill out a profile, link with a student member of our Kiwanis Family and the results will be priceless.

Click here to get more information and get started filling out your profile.