K-Kids of Michigan


Message from the District Administrator:

Mercia Foster

Kiwanis Club of Mt. Pleasant

K-Kids is an important part of the Kiwanis Family.  There are not many organizations who teach young children about leadership skills and help them develop their abilities to make the world a better place.  Far too often children are told they are not old enough or big enough to make a difference. Kiwanis focuses on not only "serving the children of the world" but preparing children for lives of service and volunteering. What a vote of confidence for young children to know that their opinions and work are valued by adults who also want to make the world better!

After 35+ years as a teacher, and a wife of a very active Kiwanian, I finally joined this wonderful group in the spring. I have jumped in with both feet in volunteering to serve as K-Kids Administrator for the District. During my teaching career I have served as faculty advisor to a K-Kids group at one school and also to a Builders Club at another.  For years I have assisted my husband as the Circle K advisor at CMU, so working with the younger members of the Kiwanis Family has been a big part of my life.  I believe Service Leadership Programs need to be strong and continue to grow because they are the future of Kiwanis.

I am excited to work with the K-Kids of the District, and I look forward to assisting clubs that would like to sponsor a new club. Please feel free to contact me at merciaj.foster@gmail.com if I can help you in any way.